Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians  0.12
A turn-based tactical game combining rules and gameplay elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Mayfair Exponential Game System. Unlike most games of this type, motion is in full, grid-less 3D.
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OpenSkyNet::Core::UpdateManager Class Reference

#include <CUpdateManager.h>

Public Member Functions

bool addUpdater (Updater *upd_)
UpdatergetUpdater (Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_)
bool setPriority (Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_, Updater::UPDATER_PRIORITY prio_)
bool addUpdater (Object *obj_, Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_, Updater::OBJECT_PRIORITY prio_=Updater::OBJ_1, bool isOneShot_=false)
bool removeUpdater (Object *obj_, Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_)
bool removeAllObjectsFromUpdater (Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_)
void removeAllUpdaters (Object *obj_)
void getUpdaters (const Object *obj_, std::list< Updater * > &updaters_) const
void disableAllUpdates (Object *obj_)
void enableAllUpdates (Object *obj_)
bool find (Object *obj_, Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_) const
void update (Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_, float dt_)
void updateAll (float dt_)
bool haveAllObjectsBeenUpdated (Updater::UPDATER_TYPE type_)

Static Public Member Functions

static void createInstance ()
static UpdateManager *& getInstance ()
static void shutDown ()

Detailed Description

Class to handle all Updaters. It takes care of adding Updaters, accessing them, adding/removing objects to/from them, calling their update methods, and deleting them from the heap.

Member Function Documentation

bool UpdateManager::addUpdater ( Updater upd_)

Returns false if upd_ has already been added.

bool OpenSkyNet::Core::UpdateManager::addUpdater ( Object obj_,
Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_,
Updater::OBJECT_PRIORITY  prio_ = Updater::OBJ_1,
bool  isOneShot_ = false 

Returns false if obj_ is already in the updater.

static void OpenSkyNet::Core::UpdateManager::createInstance ( )
void UpdateManager::disableAllUpdates ( Object obj_)
void UpdateManager::enableAllUpdates ( Object obj_)
bool UpdateManager::find ( Object obj_,
Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_ 
) const
static UpdateManager*& OpenSkyNet::Core::UpdateManager::getInstance ( )
Updater* OpenSkyNet::Core::UpdateManager::getUpdater ( Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_)
void UpdateManager::getUpdaters ( const Object obj_,
std::list< Updater * > &  updaters_ 
) const
bool OpenSkyNet::Core::UpdateManager::haveAllObjectsBeenUpdated ( Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_)
bool UpdateManager::removeAllObjectsFromUpdater ( Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_)
void UpdateManager::removeAllUpdaters ( Object obj_)
bool UpdateManager::removeUpdater ( Object obj_,
Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_ 

Returns false if obj_ was not in the updater, OR the remove failed.

bool UpdateManager::setPriority ( Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_,
Updater::UPDATER_PRIORITY  prio_ 
void UpdateManager::shutDown ( )
void UpdateManager::update ( Updater::UPDATER_TYPE  type_,
float  dt_ 
void UpdateManager::updateAll ( float  dt_)

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