Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians  0.12
A turn-based tactical game combining rules and gameplay elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Mayfair Exponential Game System. Unlike most games of this type, motion is in full, grid-less 3D.
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OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume Class Reference

#include <CDVolume.h>

Inheritance diagram for OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume:

Public Member Functions

 Volume (Shape *shape_, const Math::Point<> &center_=Math::g_origin, const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_=Math::g_identityMatrix3x3, void *userPointer_=0, Utils::uint colGroup_=COL_GROUP_HIT_ALL_HIT_BY_ALL)
void setBoundingRadius (const float &boundingRadius_)
float getBoundingRadius () const
virtual ShapegetShape ()
virtual const ShapegetShape () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::CD::Collidable
 Collidable (const Math::Point<> &center_=Math::g_origin, const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_=Math::g_identityMatrix3x3, void *userPointer_=0, Utils::uint colGroup_=COL_GROUP_HIT_ALL_HIT_BY_ALL)
virtual ~Collidable ()
void translate (const Math::Point<> &delta_)
void setCenter (const Math::Point<> &center_)
Math::Point getCenter () const
void setNonColTransform (const Math::Point<> &center_, const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_)
const Math::PointgetNonColCenter () const
const Math::Matrix3x3getNonColRot () const
void setRot (const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_)
Math::Matrix3x3 getRot () const
void setUserPointer (void *userPointer_)
voidgetUserPointer () const
Utils::uint canGroupHitMe (Utils::uint colGroup_) const
Utils::uint getColGroup () const
void setColGroup (Utils::uint colGroup_)
virtual SHAPE_TYPE getType () const
virtual float getDist (const Collidable *aCollidable_) const
virtual bool getFirstIntersection (const Math::Point<> &thisVel_, const Collidable *otherCollidable_, const Math::Point<> &otherVel_, HitInfo &hitInfo_) const
virtual bool getClosestRayIntersection (const Math::Point<> &rayOrigin_, const Math::Point<> &rayDir_, Math::Point<> &hitPos_, float &t_, Math::Point<> &hitNormal_) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume::Volume ( Shape shape_,
const Math::Point<> &  center_ = Math::g_origin,
const Math::Matrix3x3 rot_ = Math::g_identityMatrix3x3,
void userPointer_ = 0,
Utils::uint  colGroup_ = COL_GROUP_HIT_ALL_HIT_BY_ALL 

Member Function Documentation

float OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume::getBoundingRadius ( ) const
virtual Shape* OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume::getShape ( )
virtual const Shape* OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume::getShape ( ) const
void OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume::setBoundingRadius ( const float &  boundingRadius_)

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