Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians  0.12
A turn-based tactical game combining rules and gameplay elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Mayfair Exponential Game System. Unlike most games of this type, motion is in full, grid-less 3D.
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OpenSkyNet::Graphics Namespace Reference

Wraps OGRE and CEGUI, and adds custom event handlers and renderable objects. More...


class  ObjectTextDisplay
class  OgreApp
class  InputListener
class  UI
class  UIScreen


void createSphere (const std::string &name_, float radius_=1.0f, int rings_=16, int segments_=16)
CEGUI::Rect getTextArea (const CEGUI::Window *textWindow_)
void wrapText (CEGUI::Window *textWindow_, const std::string &text_, bool doSetText_, std::string &renderableText_, std::string &leftoverText_)
void Vector3ToMPoint (const Ogre::Vector3 &v_, Math::Point<> &p_)
Math::Point GetMPointFromVector3 (const Ogre::Vector3 &v_)
template<class T >
Ogre::Vector3 GetVector3FromMPoint (const Math::Point< T > &p_)
Math::Matrix3x3 GetMMatrix3x3FromMatrix3 (const Ogre::Matrix3 &rot_)
void MMatrix3x3ToMatrix3 (const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_, Ogre::Matrix3 &mat_)
Ogre::Matrix3 GetMatrix3FromMMatrix3x3 (const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_)

Detailed Description

Wraps OGRE and CEGUI, and adds custom event handlers and renderable objects.

Function Documentation

void OpenSkyNet::Graphics::createSphere ( const std::string &  name_,
float  radius_ = 1.0f,
int  rings_ = 16,
int  segments_ = 16 

Creates a renderable sphere in the Ogre engine. Based on code at: http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/ManualSphereMeshes.

Ogre::Matrix3 OpenSkyNet::Graphics::GetMatrix3FromMMatrix3x3 ( const Math::Matrix3x3 &  rot_)
Math::Matrix3x3 OpenSkyNet::Graphics::GetMMatrix3x3FromMatrix3 ( const Ogre::Matrix3 &  rot_)
Math::Point OpenSkyNet::Graphics::GetMPointFromVector3 ( const Ogre::Vector3 &  v_)
CEGUI::Rect OpenSkyNet::Graphics::getTextArea ( const CEGUI::Window *  textWindow_)
template<class T >
Ogre::Vector3 OpenSkyNet::Graphics::GetVector3FromMPoint ( const Math::Point< T > &  p_)
void OpenSkyNet::Graphics::MMatrix3x3ToMatrix3 ( const Math::Matrix3x3 &  rot_,
Ogre::Matrix3 &  mat_ 
void OpenSkyNet::Graphics::Vector3ToMPoint ( const Ogre::Vector3 &  v_,
Math::Point<> &  p_ 
void OpenSkyNet::Graphics::wrapText ( CEGUI::Window *  textWindow_,
const std::string &  text_,
bool  doSetText_,
std::string &  renderableText_,
std::string &  leftoverText_ 

Utility method for wrapping text in a CEGUI window

textWindow_The window used to display the text
text_The input text to display
doSetText_Actually set the window to display the text?
renderableText_Text that has enough room to be displayed
leftoverText_Text that doesn't have enough room to be displayed