Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians  0.12
A turn-based tactical game combining rules and gameplay elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Mayfair Exponential Game System. Unlike most games of this type, motion is in full, grid-less 3D.
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Tactics3DUtils.h File Reference
#include "Tactics3DWarrior.h"
#include "Tactics3DAction.h"

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 All logic and data for the game Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians.


int Tactics3D::Utils::d6 (int x_=1)
int Tactics3D::Utils::calcAttrMod (int attr_)
void Tactics3D::Utils::getTimeStampStr (char *str_)
int Tactics3D::Utils::calcSpeed (int dex_, int str_, int equipmentWeightInPounds_)
Ogre::AxisAlignedBox Tactics3D::Utils::getAABB (const OpenSkyNet::CD::Volume &vol_)
Ogre::ManualObject * Tactics3D::Utils::createHUDCircle (const std::string &name_, const OpenSkyNet::Math::Point<> &color_, int numPoints_)
bool Tactics3D::Utils::getCameraSpacePoint (const std::string &windowName_, const OpenSkyNet::Math::Point< float, 2 > &pointInSpread_, OpenSkyNet::Math::Point< float, 2 > &cameraSpaceOrigin_)
bool Tactics3D::Utils::getScreenSpacePoint (const std::string &windowName_, const OpenSkyNet::Math::Point< float, 2 > &cameraSpaceOrigin_, OpenSkyNet::Math::Point< float, 2 > &screenSpaceOrigin_)
bool Tactics3D::Utils::updateHUDCircle (Ogre::ManualObject *circle_, const std::string &windowName_, const OpenSkyNet::Math::Point< float, 2 > &cameraSpaceOrigin_, float radius_, int numPoints_, OpenSkyNet::Math::Point< float, 2 > &screenSpaceOrigin_)
void Tactics3D::Utils::scheduleEvocationObjectCreation (Warrior *warrior_)
void Tactics3D::Utils::createEvocationObject (Warrior *warrior_, const std::string &name_)
Rendering Operations
void Tactics3D::Utils::showDieRollVisualEffects (OpenSkyNet::Core::Object *die_, int roll_)
bool Tactics3D::Utils::moveCurrCamToWarriorPOV (const Warrior *warrior_)
void Tactics3D::Utils::getSpecialMoveParams (Warrior *warrior_, CEGUI::Window *warriorWindow_)
void Tactics3D::Utils::getSuperPowerParams (Warrior *warrior_, CEGUI::Window *warriorWindow_)
void Tactics3D::Utils::disableAndHideActionWindow ()