Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians  0.12
A turn-based tactical game combining rules and gameplay elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Mayfair Exponential Game System. Unlike most games of this type, motion is in full, grid-less 3D.
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Tactics3D::Combat Namespace Reference


struct  Initiative


bool round (std::vector< Warrior * > warriors_, OpenSkyNet::Utils::Socket *socket_)
int attack (int oO_, int oD_, Warrior *attacker_, const AttackRange *attackRange_, bool useAttackerDmgAdj_, int specialMoveDmgAdj_, bool useAbsDmg_, int absDmg_, Warrior *defender_, Action *action_)
Networking Operations
OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint getInitiativesBufferLen (OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint numWarriors_)
OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint serializeInitiatives (const std::vector< Initiative > &initiatives_, char(&buffer_)[MAX_STRING_SIZE])
void assembleInitiatives (OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint numWarriors_, char(&buffer_)[MAX_STRING_SIZE], std::vector< OpenSkyNet::Utils::TaggedUnion > &eventParams_)

Function Documentation

void Tactics3D::Combat::assembleInitiatives ( OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint  numWarriors_,
char(&)  buffer_[MAX_STRING_SIZE],
std::vector< OpenSkyNet::Utils::TaggedUnion > &  eventParams_ 
int Tactics3D::Combat::attack ( int  oO_,
int  oD_,
Warrior attacker_,
const AttackRange attackRange_,
bool  useAttackerDmgAdj_,
int  specialMoveDmgAdj_,
bool  useAbsDmg_,
int  absDmg_,
Warrior defender_,
Action action_ 
OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint Tactics3D::Combat::getInitiativesBufferLen ( OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint  numWarriors_)
bool Tactics3D::Combat::round ( std::vector< Warrior * >  warriors_,
OpenSkyNet::Utils::Socket socket_ 
OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint Tactics3D::Combat::serializeInitiatives ( const std::vector< Initiative > &  initiatives_,
char(&)  buffer_[MAX_STRING_SIZE] 
number of bytes written to buffer_.