Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians  0.12
A turn-based tactical game combining rules and gameplay elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Mayfair Exponential Game System. Unlike most games of this type, motion is in full, grid-less 3D.
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OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App Class Reference

#include <ViewerApp.h>

Inheritance diagram for OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App:
OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI OpenSkyNet::Core::TransformChangeListener OpenSkyNet::Graphics::OgreApp

Public Member Functions

 App (const char *coreObjectsXML_, const char *sceneGraphXML_)
virtual void go ()
void lock ()
void unlock ()
void waitForEntityScaleSavedEvent ()
virtual void moveCamera ()
OBJECT_EDIT_TYPE getEditType () const
void setEditType (OBJECT_EDIT_TYPE editType_)
void scaleObject (Core::Object *obj_, const Math::Point<> &factor_)
void saveEntityScaleToMesh (const char *name_)
void setSavingEntityScales (bool isSaving_)
virtual ~App ()
Setup Operations
virtual bool setup (bool restoreOgreConfig_)
virtual void setupEventHandlers ()
virtual void createCamera ()
virtual void createViewports ()
Input/Frame Event Handlers
virtual bool processUnbufferedKeyInput (const Ogre::FrameEvent &evt)
virtual bool frameStarted (const Ogre::FrameEvent &evt)
virtual bool frameEnded (const Ogre::FrameEvent &evt)
TransformChangeListener interface methods
virtual void handleTransformChange (Core::Object *obj_, const Math::Point<> &prevPos_, const Math::Matrix3x3 &prevRot_, float dt_)
virtual void handleIdle (Core::Object *obj_, float idleSecs_)
Shutdown Operations
virtual void destroyScene (bool doDestroyPersistentData_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI
 UI (InputListener *inputListener_=0)
void setCanTranslateCam (bool val_)
void setCanRotateCam (bool val_)
void showDebugOverlay (bool show_)
void quit ()
virtual ~UI ()
void setTopNodeForMousePicking (Ogre::SceneNode *n_=0)
UIScreengetTopScreen () const
virtual void pushScreen (UIScreen *screen_)
virtual void popScreen (bool doUnload_=true)
void popAndUnloadScreenNextUpdate ()
virtual bool processUnbufferedMouseInput (const Ogre::FrameEvent &evt)
virtual void windowResized (Ogre::RenderWindow *rw)
virtual void windowClosed (Ogre::RenderWindow *rw)
virtual void switchMouseMode ()
virtual void switchKeyMode ()
InputListenergetInputListener ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::OgreApp
 OgreApp ()
virtual ~OgreApp ()
Ogre::SceneNode * getSceneNode (const char *name_) const
Ogre::SceneManager * getSceneManager () const
const Ogre::Camera * getCam () const
Ogre::RenderWindow * getWindow () const
const std::vector
< Ogre::SceneNode * > & 
getNonPersistentNodes () const
virtual void createScene (const char *sceneGraphXML_)
Ogre::SceneNode * createSceneNode (const char *name_, bool isPersistent_, Ogre::SceneNode *parent_)
void serializeSceneGraph (const char *sceneGraphXML_)

Static Public Member Functions

static void updateObjectUI (const Core::Object *obj_)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI
static CEGUI::MouseButton convertOISMouseButtonToCegui (OIS::MouseButtonID buttonID_)
static bool doesHitAABB (const Ogre::AxisAlignedBox &AABB_, const Ogre::Vector3 &origin_, const Ogre::Vector3 &direction_)


class CoreDesigner3DViewer::ViewerInputListener

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::OgreApp
virtual void setupResources ()
virtual bool configure (bool restoreOgreConfig_)
virtual void chooseSceneManager ()
virtual void createResourceListener ()
virtual void loadResources ()
void processSceneGraphXML (TiXmlElement *element_, Ogre::SceneNode *parentSceneNode_)
void serialize (TiXmlElement *element_, Ogre::SceneNode *parentSceneNode_)
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI
CEGUI::OgreRenderer * _gUIRenderer
CEGUI::System * _gUISystem
std::stack< UIScreen * > _screens
bool _useBufferedInputKeys
bool _useBufferedInputMouse
Ogre::Real _moveSpeed
Ogre::Real _rotateSpeed
float _moveScale
float _rotScale
bool _statsOn
Utils::uint _numScreenShots
Ogre::Real _timeUntilNextToggle
int _sceneDetailIndex
Ogre::Vector3 _translateVector
int _aniso
Ogre::TextureFilterOptions _filtering
float _rotX
float _rotY
bool _canTranslateCam
bool _canRotateCam
OIS::InputManager * _inputManager
OIS::Mouse * _mouse
OIS::Keyboard * _keyboard
OgreBites::SdkTrayManager * _trayManager
volatile bool _quit
Ogre::Vector3 _trans
Ogre::DisplayString _debugText
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::OgreApp
Ogre::Root * _root
Ogre::Camera * _camera
Ogre::SceneManager * _sceneMgr
Ogre::RenderWindow * _window
std::map< std::string,
Ogre::SceneNode * > 
std::vector< Ogre::SceneNode * > _nonPersistentNodes
std::map< std::string,
Ogre::Light * > 
std::vector< Ogre::Light * > _nonPersistentLights

Detailed Description

This program uses: Ogre 1.8.1 (http://www.ogre3d.org/), Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.7.7 (http://www.cegui.org.uk/), OIS 1.3 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/wgois/), and TinyXML 2.5.3 (http://www.grinninglizard.com/tinyxml/)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

App::App ( const char *  coreObjectsXML_,
const char *  sceneGraphXML_ 
virtual OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::~App ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::createCamera ( )

Overloaded to stop the OgreApp implementation (we use the Core::Cinematographer class for cameras).

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::OgreApp.

virtual void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::createViewports ( )

Overloaded to stop the OgreApp implementation (we use the Core::Cinematographer class for cameras).

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::OgreApp.

virtual void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::destroyScene ( bool  doDestroyPersistentData_)

Free memory used by application elements.

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI.

virtual bool OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::frameEnded ( const Ogre::FrameEvent &  evt)

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI.

virtual bool OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::frameStarted ( const Ogre::FrameEvent &  evt)

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI.

OBJECT_EDIT_TYPE OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::getEditType ( ) const

Gets/Sets the type of object transform operation for keyboard mappings.

virtual void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::go ( )

Start the App.

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::OgreApp.

virtual void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::handleIdle ( Core::Object obj_,
float  idleSecs_ 
void App::handleTransformChange ( Core::Object obj_,
const Math::Point<> &  prevPos_,
const Math::Matrix3x3 prevRot_,
float  dt_ 
void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::lock ( )

Lock for data accessed by the UI thread

virtual void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::moveCamera ( )

Make all the changes to the camera. Note that YAW direction is around a fixed axis (freelook style) rather than a natural YAW (e.g., airplane).

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI.

bool App::processUnbufferedKeyInput ( const Ogre::FrameEvent &  evt)

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI.

void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::saveEntityScaleToMesh ( const char *  name_)

Save an entity's scale to its meshes' .mesh file

void App::scaleObject ( Core::Object obj_,
const Math::Point<> &  factor_ 

Scaling is done in the designer, rather than Core, because there are few needs for game runtime scaling

void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::setEditType ( OBJECT_EDIT_TYPE  editType_)
void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::setSavingEntityScales ( bool  isSaving_)
virtual bool OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::setup ( bool  restoreOgreConfig_)

Sets up the application - returns false if the user chooses to abandon configuration.

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI.

virtual void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::setupEventHandlers ( )

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Graphics::UI.

void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::unlock ( )
void App::updateObjectUI ( const Core::Object obj_)

Update the .NET form UI

void OpenSkyNet::CoreDesigner3DViewer::App::waitForEntityScaleSavedEvent ( )

Called by the UI thread during a save

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