Tactics: Western Philosophers Vs. Musicians  0.12
A turn-based tactical game combining rules and gameplay elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Mayfair Exponential Game System. Unlike most games of this type, motion is in full, grid-less 3D.
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OpenSkyNet::OgreCore::OgrePhysVisObject Class Reference

#include <OgrePhysVisObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for OpenSkyNet::OgreCore::OgrePhysVisObject:
OpenSkyNet::Core::PhysVisObject OpenSkyNet::Core::ABCObject OpenSkyNet::Core::CollisionListener OpenSkyNet::Core::Object

Public Member Functions

 OgrePhysVisObject (Ogre::SceneNode *renderNode_, CD::Shape *shape_, Utils::uint colGroup_, const Math::Point<> &pos_, const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_)
 OgrePhysVisObject (Ogre::SceneNode *renderNode_, CD::Shape *shape_, Utils::uint colGroup_)
virtual void syncVisFromPhys ()
virtual void showCollisionVolume (bool show_=true)
virtual void setVisibleCollisionVolume (Ogre::SceneNode *visColVol_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Core::PhysVisObject
 PhysVisObject (PhysicalObject *pO_, VisibleObject *vO_)
 PhysVisObject (VisibleObject *vO_, CD::Shape *shape_, Utils::uint colGroup_)
virtual ~PhysVisObject ()
virtual Math::Point getPos () const
virtual void getPos (Math::Point<> &pos_) const
virtual void setPos (const Math::Point<> &pos_)
virtual bool getHasPosChanged () const
virtual void setHasPosChanged (bool val_)
virtual Math::Matrix3x3 getRot () const
virtual void getRot (Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_) const
virtual void setRot (const Math::Matrix3x3 &rot_)
virtual bool getHasRotChanged () const
virtual void setHasRotChanged (bool val_)
virtual Math::Point getVel () const
virtual void getVel (Math::Point<> &vel_) const
virtual void setVel (const Math::Point<> &vel_)
virtual const PhysicalObjectgetPhysicalObject () const
virtual PhysicalObjectgetPhysicalObject ()
virtual const VisibleObjectgetVisibleObject () const
virtual VisibleObjectgetVisibleObject ()
virtual void setNonCollidingData (Object *obj_)
virtual bool handleCollisions (Object *collidee_, std::vector< CD::HitInfo > &colliders_, float &dt_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Core::ABCObject
 ABCObject ()
virtual ~ABCObject ()
virtual bool getHasVelChanged () const
virtual void setHasVelChanged (bool val_)
virtual Math::Point getAngVel () const
virtual void getAngVel (Math::Point<> &angVel_) const
virtual void setAngVel (const Math::Point<> &angVel_)
virtual bool getHasAngVelChanged () const
virtual void setHasAngVelChanged (bool val_)
virtual const std::string & getName () const
virtual void setName (const std::string &name_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Core::Object
 Object ()
virtual ~Object ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenSkyNet::Core::CollisionListener
virtual void handleNonCollidingTransformApplied (Object *obj_)
virtual void handleNewCollisions (Object *collidee_, std::vector< Object * > &colliders_)
virtual void handleDeletedCollisions (Object *collidee_, std::vector< Object * > &colliders_)
virtual bool handleWrongSidedness (Object *collidee_, std::vector< CD::HitInfo > &collisions_)
virtual bool handleOutOfGrid (Object *obj_)

Protected Attributes

Ogre::SceneNode * _visColVol
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenSkyNet::Core::PhysVisObject
Math::Matrix3x3 _rotOffset
Math::Point _posOffset
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenSkyNet::Core::ABCObject
std::string _name
bool _hasPosChanged
bool _hasRotChanged
bool _hasVelChanged
bool _hasAngVelChanged

Detailed Description

This class maps an Ogre SceneNode to a physics object/collision detection volume.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenSkyNet::OgreCore::OgrePhysVisObject::OgrePhysVisObject ( Ogre::SceneNode *  renderNode_,
CD::Shape shape_,
Utils::uint  colGroup_,
const Math::Point<> &  pos_,
const Math::Matrix3x3 rot_ 
OpenSkyNet::OgreCore::OgrePhysVisObject::OgrePhysVisObject ( Ogre::SceneNode *  renderNode_,
CD::Shape shape_,
Utils::uint  colGroup_ 

Member Function Documentation

virtual void OpenSkyNet::OgreCore::OgrePhysVisObject::setVisibleCollisionVolume ( Ogre::SceneNode *  visColVol_)

Set a renderable object to be used as the visible representation of the collision volume.

virtual void OpenSkyNet::OgreCore::OgrePhysVisObject::showCollisionVolume ( bool  show_ = true)

Show a renderable object used as the visible representation of the collision volume.

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Core::PhysVisObject.

void OgrePhysVisObject::syncVisFromPhys ( )

Set the renderable object's transform to the physical object's transform.

Should I really be setting ortho here?

Reimplemented from OpenSkyNet::Core::PhysVisObject.

Member Data Documentation

Ogre::SceneNode* OpenSkyNet::OgreCore::OgrePhysVisObject::_visColVol

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